As we've suggested before, Nintendo's N64 console could be getting a re-release.

The Japanese company recently started stoking nostalgia by making miniaturised, less expensive versions of its original retro consoles. For instance, the NES Classic Edition launched in late 2016, and then there's the Super NES Classic Edition, which launches in September. Now, in addition to those, which are in limited supply, Nintendo appears to be making a new version of the original Nintendo 64.

How do we know this? A European trademark filing indicates Nintendo is following up the SNES Classic Edition with an N64 Classic Edition. As spotted by NeoGAF, Nintendo filed four line drawings that represent NES, SNES, N64, and Switch controllers. One drawing is an outline of the N64 gamepad, and it's the same outline found on retail branding for Nintendo's other "Classic Edition" consoles.

In other words, it's highly possible that a miniaturised version of the system and its gamepad are in the works. Either that or it plans on making Switch-compatible N64 gamepads for use with Virtual Console games. But that would be boring. And we can dream, right?

EUIPO/NintendoN64 image 2