(Pocket-lint) - We whooped and hollered when Nintendo announced that it would release a Switch dock you could buy separately. Finally, it meant we could move and play on at least two TVs in the home without the fuss of taking the whole dock with us.

There's just one issue with the official Nintendo Switch Dock Set: at £80, it's a pricey option.

Up steps cheaper, third-party alternative, the SFANS Adapter. And it's a lot smaller to boot, so more portable by far.

The adapter is currently undergoing a round of crowdfunding on IndieGoGo and has already achieved more than 580 per cent of its $10,000 original goal.

It is also estimated to ship in August, so well worth helping out now to get your adapter relatively soon. You'll also get it at its cheapest price as it will rise once crowdfunding has finished on 6 August 2017.

One basic SFANS Adapter costs $59 (around £45) plus shipping - that's 45 per cent off the retail price. Alternatively, you can get one with an included HDMI cable and stand for $69.

Another comes with an additional charger and USB-C cable for $79.

The Oreo-sized adapter also benefits from an additional USB 3.1 port over the Nintendo version. Both are capable of outputting 1080p 60fps gaming to a television.

Writing by Rik Henderson.