(Pocket-lint) - One of the things we've loved about the Nintendo Switch is the way you can customise it with differently coloured Joy-Cons.

Even if you bought the grey Switch at launch - either because you had to because the red and blue version had sold out or you liked the grey edition - you can easily change its look through new Joy-Cons.

We've seen the neon yellow versions recently, but now you can pre-order arguably the best-looking pair yet. The neon green and neon pink Joy-Cons are superb for those who like to be bold and brash. And should you also own the red and blue set, you can chop and change with some great combinations.

And when you play multiplayer motion games you can reenact scenes from 80s nightclubs. Woop, woop.

The neon green and neon pink Joy-Cons come in a package together, with green being the left controller, pink being right. They cost £69.99 together and you can pre-order them from Nintendo.co.uk ahead of the 28 July release date.

The neon yellow Joy-Con set is also priced at £69.99 but is available to buy now.

Other, custom Joy-Cons are also becoming available as the console's popularity grows even greater. ColorWare, for example, is currently offering a pair that come with designs based on the original Nintendo Entertainment System console.

Writing by Rik Henderson.