(Pocket-lint) - When we reviewed the Nintendo Switch in March we called for a second Switch dock to be sold separately. Nintendo has now responded, saying that you will be able to buy a second dock from 23 June.

The Nintendo Switch is a portable games console, so it's always been possible to continue playing games in another room in the house whenever you wanted. However, we found playing motion games, such as 1-2 Switch, in a bedroom, spare room and living room meant moving the dock around with us.

Yes, we could play them on the 6.2-inch screen, but while it's a good compromise for when out and about, it seemed silly having to play games on that format when we had a 55-inch flatscreen waiting there for us.

Being able to add another dock, situated in the living room, was always something we wanted and now we shall get our wish.

Unfortunately, it does mean shelling out a further wedge, anywhere up to around £80, but we think it's worth it.

There's no UK price for the spare Nintendo Switch Dock Set yet, but it is $99 in the US - around £70 at current exchange rates. It also includes an AC adapter and second HDMI cable.

Writing by Rik Henderson.