(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has released the first DLC for Breath of the Wild and it's not shirking on the new content.

The DLC Pack 1, entitled "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Master Trials", is included as part of the Expansion Pass for Nintendo Switch and Wii U. That also includes three new treasure chests and a further DLC Pack expected to be released at the end of the year - in "Holiday 2017".

You must buy the Expansion Pass to get the Packs as neither will be released separately.

How to purchase The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass on Nintendo Switch

There are three ways you can buy a Zelda Expansion Pass for the Nintendo Switch version:

  • You can buy a digital code for £17.99 from "select retailers" such as Amazon.co.uk in the UK. It costs $19.99 in the US. That code can then be redeemed through the Nintendo eShop on the console itself.
  • You can buy it through the game's main menu, under the "Downloadable Content" section.
  • Or you can visit the game's Nintendo eShop page on the Switch, scroll down and purchase the Expansion Pass there.

Nintendo Wii U owners can also purchase the Expansion Pass for the same price and using the same methods (roughly) as the above. This is the Amazon.co.uk link for the Wii U Expansion Pass.

What you get in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Master Trials DLC Pack 1

The first DLC Pack will work fine for new players or those who completed the game and want to continue exploring Hyrule. There are several new modes and trials included:

  • Trial of the Sword: A "certain sacred location", which regular players will already be familiar with, now offers an all-new Trial of the Sword challenge. There are 45 rooms in which waves of increasing more difficult enemies need to be vanquished. Worse is that Link starts without any equipment or weapons. The reward is well worth it though, the Master Sword will be permanently powered-up after the challenge is complete (beforehand, it runs out of power occasionally and needs to charge again before use).
  • Hero's Path Mode: This mode shows a line of exactly where you visited in the last 200 hours of gameplay, displayed on the in-game map, showing your path through the adventure.
  • Hard Mode: Is the game a bit too easy for you? A new Hard Mode powers all enemies up by a level. They also recover health over time. You might also see enemies and chests floating in the sky.
  • Travel Medallion: A new item appears in a chest somewhere in the world. It has a one-off use, which places a fast travel point on the map.
  • New armour: Eight new treasure chests appear in Hyrule that contain new armour to collect, all based on previous The Legend of Zelda games. And that includes Majora's Mask, oh yes.
  • Korok Mask: There is also a Korok Mask hidden in the world. It shakes whenever a hidden Korok is nearby, helping you find all 900 of them.

What you get in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 2

The second expansion pack is some way off, coming at the end of 2017, so details of what it will contain are yet to be revealed. However, we do know that it will add a "new dungeon", an "original story" and "even more new challenges".

Writing by Rik Henderson.