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(Pocket-lint) - After selling out in next to no time after its launch in 2016, the Nintendo Classic Mini consoles became much sought after - fetching high prices on reseller sites, such as eBay. And as soon as Nintendo announced that it was to discontinue production, in favour of this 2017's SNES Classic Mini, that seemed to be that.

Thankfully though, Nintendo had a change of heart and posted a tweet last year in Japan that said it will start production of its first miniature retro console again.

New units of the NES Classic Mini are being made and the best news is that they will go on sale in the UK and North America again next month. It's not yet clear if the re-released console will retain its £49.99 asking price, or if it will be bundled with just the one controller. 

The company's follow up release, the mightily popular SNES Classic Mini, which is still readily available, ships with two controllers with slightly longer leads. We'd love it if Nintendo gave the NES Mini the same treatment. 

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Of course, you might love the idea of owning a retro-inspired console, but either can't wait another few weeks, or you want one with more than 30 games on it. If so, you can easily build your very own games console for just £50. 

We did so ourselves and have detailed the entire process in our handy how-to guide here: Can't buy a Nintendo Classic Mini? How to build your own retro console for just £50

Writing by Rik Henderson.