(Pocket-lint) - After the dead pixels issue several Nintendo Switch owners have suffered, there are now reports that some Switch consoles are bending when docked.

Reddit user _NSR posted an image of his Switch with a clear bend in the middle, saying that it "started to warp while in docked mode". Others soon followed suit to also complain that their consoles have exhibited warping signs too.

Fellow user Magnaha23 claimed his was bending too: "I actually checked my switch after seeing this. Its starting to do the exact same thing just not as bad as yours yet," he posted.

Others have reported similar issues on Twitter, including TechnoBuffalo's editor Joey Davidson.

Luckily though, Nintendo will repair this issue, unlike the dead pixels problem of before: "I called Nintendo and got a repair set up in 10 minutes," Magnaha23 added. And if it cannot be repaired because the warping is too severe, it will be replaced, he was told.

The problem is thought to stem from the fact that, when docked, the Switch graphical processing unit works harder than in handheld mode, so runs hotter. And with the dock offering less free-flowing air to the device, there's a risk it could overheat and warp.

It is not a widespread problem at present though, so there could be other contributory factors, such as the external temperature. Let's see what happens during the summer.

Writing by Rik Henderson.