(Pocket-lint) - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been a huge success since its release with the Nintendo Switch in March.

Based on just its first weekend on sale, it officially became the fastest-selling standalone launch title in Nintendo's history.

It is a huge, expansive role-playing game that can sap days from your life if you let it. We've been playing it for the best part of three or so weeks and we've still not seen everything there is to find.

That's why we wholly welcome some of the crazier finds made by other players. Some of the hidden Easter eggs in the game are a sight to behold, and even useful at times.

So here are a few of our favourites found online. We'll also add to this list when we find more. Enjoy.

Paragliding the whole of Hyrule

mety333's video on YouTube is quite extraordinary. By creating an infinite flying machine from a metal box on top of a magnetic cart, he used the magnetise rune ability to soar to the very top of the game world - until he could rise no more.

He then paraglided across the map. If you fancy repeating it, you'll really need to complete all the shrines to get enough stamina. Highly impressive though.

Flying horse

Another funny clip from mety333 involves attaching Octo Ballons onto an old metal door and soaring into the sky with a bemused horse stood on top.

Bombing around

Another way to traverse the map without touching the ground requires a fair few firebomb arrows which, when shot at the ground, create thermals that lift your paraglider. So if you fire one just as you are about to hit the ground, it'll will take you back up into the air. Ingenious.

Riding a Guardian

By paragliding onto the top of a Guardian, you can ride one without fear of being killed. Then, when you find other enemies, you can leap off and use its rays to kill those around you. It's tricky but a hoot.

Killing with chickens

One of the funniest things we've seen a player do in the game is use a cucco - the Hyrule name for a chicken - to attack a Moblin. When a cucco is harmed a flock of others come to its rescue. This player - @jakeinator21 - tested that by having the enemy harm it (and himself) resulting in death by chickens.

Travel by rock

Highlighted as a good tip for speedrunners, @Venick409 posted a clever way to get around without needing the glider. Indeed, you could technically do this after collecting just the time stasis rune on the Great Plateau and therefore get into the main part of the game without having to complete any of the rest of the mandatory shrines.

Dance with dogs

Not especially useful, but a great find. You can boogie with dogs if you crouch next to them and spin round. Dogs will copy your actions. The amount of detail in this game is staggering.

It's dangerous to go alone

YouTuber The Easter Egg Hunter found a reference to the very first Legend of Zelda game. If you read the runes running upwards on pins you place in the map - when viewed through the scope - they actually say "it's dangerous to go alone". That's a reference to a famous quote from the first game.

Giant horse

There is a rare giant horse you can catch and ride, hidden east of the Gerudo deserts. YouTuber BeardBear has a handy guide as to where to find it.

Nod to the late Saturo Iwata

Former Nintendo boss Saturo Iwata announced the Switch, under the moniker Nintendo NX, before sadly passing away with cancer before seeing his console plans take shape. He was much loved by the gaming community and it seems that he has been immortalised in Breath of the Wild. Although watchman Botrick doesn't have Iwata's name, he does look very familiar. Could he be a tribute?

Riding a bear

As well as horses, you can ride bears and elks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can't board them in stables and they will skedaddle the second you dismount, but it's still cool to travel across Hyrule on the back of a grizzly.

Dark Link costume

You can collect costume pieces to become Dark Link from Ocarina of Time by buying them from a specific trader in the game. However, that trader will only accept monster parts as currency and it can take you a long while to collect enough to complete the set. It's worth it though because once worn as a complete set, Dark Link has a "night speed" boost allowing you to move faster at night.

Writing by Rik Henderson.