(Pocket-lint) - With just over a week to go before the Nintendo Switch hits stores, Pocket-lint has had the chance to check out the console in our testing labs.

We'll need more time with it for our full, in-depth review but we decided to film a few initial thoughts which you can watch below.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a game to play on the system at the time, but got to feel how it works when docking and undocking, and how the Joy-Cons clip on and off. Neither of these options were available to us when we first went hands-on with the Switch at Nintendo's London preview event.

We'll be playing games on the Switch over the next few days, so make sure you come back often. We'll be posting reviews and thoughts on the entire shebang next week.

The Nintendo Switch will be available globally from Friday 3 March. It costs £280 in the UK, $300 in the States. Games range from £40 to £60 and we have a full list of all the confirmed titles here.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.