(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has finally released a full game on Android. Fire Emblem Heroes beats Super Mario Run to the punch, with the Android version of Mario's first mobile outing planned for March.

An iOS version of Fire Emblem Heroes is also now available.

Android did get Miitomo, Nintendo's cute social app last year, but this is the first proper game from the Japanese publisher.

Fire Emblem Heroes is based on the successful tactical RPG brand that has appeared on Nintendo consoles since 1990, when Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light was released for the Japanese Famicom (NES).

The most recent, Fire Emblem Fates, came out for the 3DS in 2016 in the US and Europe and was pretty much universally loved.

Fire Emblem Heroes is more streamlined than the console games, focusing on quick fire, on-the-go tactical battles on "bite-sized" maps. There is a main story mode, but the action generally involves turn-based fights between the different in-game factions and heroes.

You can also fight against other players around the world in an arena mode.

The game is a free download on Google Play and iTunes with in-app purchases. However, these are optional and not needed to play the game.

Nintendo's next big mobile game release - after Super Mario Run on Android - is expected to be based on Animal Crossing.

Writing by Rik Henderson.