(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo fully unveiled its next games console, the Nintendo Switch, in January and opened the doors for pre-orders soon after.

However, unless you were very quick, retailers soon run out of their allocation for launch day and many were left frustrated.

If you were one of those, you're now in luck as some online stores have been given new stock levels. You can pre-order the grey Nintendo Switch console again.

We do suggest you be quick off the mark though, these are likely to be snapped up as speedily as before.

You can pre-order the device to ship on 3 March from these sources:

You can also pre-order the grey and neon red/neon blue models from Amazon once again. It's worth noting though that you might not necessarily get your console on day one. The retailer will ship console orders in the order that they were placed.

The Switch is a little different to existing consoles like the Xbox One or PS4 by being fully mobile as well as a home machine. You lift out the 6.2-inch display when you leave the house, or connect it to the TV when you're at home.

In the box you get:

  • Console
  • Joy-Con left and right controllers
  • Joy-Con grip (joins Joy-Con to use as one controller)
  • Joy-Con wrist straps
  • Nintendo Switch dock (to connect to TV)
  • HDMI cable and AC adapter

If you do miss out on the pre-order round again, it is expected that high street stores will have some allocated units to sell on launch day, 3 March. You might have to queue to get one though as there will be plenty of interest we imagine.

Writing by Chris Hall and Rik Henderson.