(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo finally launched a proper iPhone game, and it features possibly the most well-known hero to ever feature on a gaming console. Super Mario Run takes what's familiar about the old Super Mario 2D platform games and makes it work on a vertical, all touch screen.

If you've just picked it up, or whether you've been playing it for days, here's an in-depth list of things to try on the best-selling game since Pokemon Go.

Super Mario Run tips: General play

Wall jump: Jump towards a wall, then tap the screen again just as you're about to hit the wall, and you'll jump back the other way.

Midair spin: If you're not quite going to reach the nearest platform after a jump, a midair spin can help slow your descent. Just tap on the screen while you're in the air to spin.

Spin strike: Using the same technique as the midair spin while near an enemy is a great way to take them out.  

Midair stall: Playing as Mario, you can jump then swipe backwards when in the air and he'll go backwards to stall your jump.

Vaulting jump: Some of your enemies can be vaulted over, your character will do it automatically. But you can also jump from them during a vault just by tapping the screen as you're going over them. Doing this earns you more coins or more fans in the Toad Rally.

Climbing jump: While you can climb automatically, if you tap the screen during a climb you'll perform a climbing jump which earns you lots of Toad fans in Toad Rally.

Rolling jump: When jumping from a high platform, your character will automatically roll to break his or her fall. If, however, you tap to jump mid-roll, you can earn extra fans in the Toad Rally.

Flutter jump: This move is unique to Yoshi. Just tap and hold the screen and he'll flutter in the air for a little while. 

Floaty jump: As Princess Peach, tap and hold the screen to float short distances. 

Get big: Mario grows when he eats a red mushroom, so be sure to jump underneath the "?" boxes. Most of the time you'll get a mushroom, although other power-ups are available. 

Press a switch: Some levels have either a blue or yellow switch. You need to jump while vaulting over it, or land on it, to activate the switch.

Extend your time limit: Some levels have a purple time block. Jump underneath it and hit it to add 10 seconds to your limit.

Activate Super Star: Some levels have a large red ring in them. Go through them, then collect the five consecutive red coins and you'll activate Super Star. You'll remember from the classic Mario games that this makes you invincible. It also draws in more coins and speeds you up.

Win bonus tickets for Toad Rally: In every level there are coloured coins as well as the usual gold ones. To begin with, you'll find five pink coins, collect all five and you'll win a bonus ticket for the Toad Rally and unlock the purple coins. Collect all five purple coins to unlock the black coins.  

Level up enemies: Every enemy type can be levelled up to give you more coins for killing them. Just meet the required amount (shown at the end of the levels) and you'll start earning more for squishing those enemies.

Play bonus levels: You can play a bonus level every day. Just head to your kingdom and tap on the first building you placed when you went through the tutorial. 

Super Mario Run tips: Unlock characters and secret levels

Unlock secret levels: If you collect all five pink coins in every single level (120 in total), you'll unlock access to a secret pink level. Collect all five purple coins in every level for access to the secret purple level, and collect all five black coins in every level for access to the secret black level.

Unlock Toad: All you need to do to unlock Toad is to link your My Nintendo account to the game, then you'll be able to claim your free Toad reward.    

Unlock Luigi: To unlock Luigi, you'll need to collect 150 green toads by playing Toad Rally, then purchase Luigi's House in the shop. He’s worth it, because he jumps higher than his brother.

Unlock Princess Peach: Play the World Tour mode and beat every level and every boss available to unlock Princess Peach.

Unlock Yoshi: Collect 30 red toads and 30 yellow toads in Toad Rally and you'll unlock the ability to buy Yoshi's House. Buy Yoshi's House from the shop and you'll unlock Yoshi.

Unlock Toadette: Toadette is undoubtedly the hardest character to unlock in the game. You need to collect 200 red toads, 200 green toads and 200 blue toads in the Toad Rally. Once you have, you can head to the shop and buy Toadette's House.

Super Mario Run tips: Beat the bosses

At the end of each world you have to duel it out with classic Mario bosses: Bowser and Boom Boom. The former of those has a shell which will kill you if you step on it, so you need to time a jump to go right over Bowser's shell and land on the axe behind him. It'll smash the platform he's standing on and send him to his doom. 

Boom Boom is a little different, to defeat him you'll need to make use of your wall jumping skills to bounce off a wall and land on his head. You have to land on it three times before he's defeated. 

Super Mario Run tips: Settings and options

Improve battery life and performance: Head to your kingdom overview and tap Menu then Settings. Select "options" and then tap to reduce the graphics and rendering settings. The quality of the graphics and smoothness of animation will be reduced, but your power consumption will drop to help you save battery. 

Select a different character: After unlocking new characters, head to Menu then Notebook in your kingdom overview. Select "Characters" and choose which character you'd like to play as. 

Know your enemy: In the same Notebook menu you'll find "Enemies". Here you can see which enemies you've unlocked, and tap on any individual enemy to learn about them and any possible weaknesses. 

Super Mario Run tips

If there's anything else you've discovered that you think is noteworthy, let us know in the comments. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.