(Pocket-lint) - There's no doubt about it, the NES Classic Mini is a fantastic little games console - hence it's sold out almost everywhere.

We've loved revisiting the 30 Nintendo Entertainment System games that come pre-installed. What we don't love, however, is having to sit a hair breadth's away from the TV because the controller cable is as short as a nudist holiday to the North Pole.

At just 30-inches long, the cable prevents us from sitting on the couch while playing, and our couch is fairly close to the television as it is. It therefore means we don't play with the mini games machine as often as we'd like.

Thankfully, retro games accessory company 8Bitdo is about to offer an elegant solution. On 16 December it will release an NES Classic Mini version of its Retro Receiver, which works with Bluetooth controllers and therefore makes the box wireless.

You also get one of the manufacturer's NES30 controllers, which looks and feels just like a NES controller but comes with a couple of extra buttons. It can be used to play all of the games on the Mini and also works with the reset option that brings you back into the menu screen and saves your progress.

Nintendo put its reset button on the console itself, which explains the short cables, but that never made sense to us. 8Bitdo neither. If you press down and select at the same time on its Bluetooth joypad, it'll do the same thing.

The only snag with the Retro Receiver Classic Edition Set is that it weighs in at $39.99 (around £32) - almost as much as the NES Classic Mini itself. And if you want to play two-player games, you'll need a second receiver and controller.

It is also only currently listed on Amazon.com in the US, although you can ship to the UK for an extra $13.58, including import fees. However, considering 8Bitdo's other products are also on Amazon.co.uk, it's probably only a matter of time until it launches here too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.