Universal and Nintendo have just delivered some bombshell news. Nintendo themed attractions will be built at all three Universal theme parks around the world, in Osaka, Japan, Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida.

Nintendo is working collaboratively with Universal’s park designers to help create the attractions, that will be targeted at all ages, so older visitors can get their nostalgia fix, while youngsters can begin to learn about Nintendo’s illustrious history.

The two companies have said the attractions will make you feel as if you’re playing inside your favourite video games, only in real life. There’s no word just yet on what games will be made into attractions, although Mario is mentioned in the press release. And besides, what Nintendo themed park would be complete without everyone’s favourite Italian plumber?

The attractions are said to be opening separately over the next several years, with each individual park announcing its Nintendo plans soon.

We’ve already heard that a Nintendo-themed area would be built at Universal Studios in Osaka, but now there’s confirmation the US sites will benefit too.