(Pocket-lint) - LetsPlayVideoGames.com has reported the Nintendo Switch games console will be sold by Game for £199.99 when it goes on sale in the UK in March 2017. The website cites reliable sources for providing the information and does point out that the price just refers to Game's pricing strategy.

Nintendo has previously said it won't sell the console at a loss, although we think a penny shy of £200 seems rather low for a console of the Switch's supposed capabilities.

LetPlayVideoGames also says Game will sell a bundle of the console and one game for £249.99, the site also says it believes it knows what game will come with the console, but doesn't want to say anything as there's only one source for now.

The sources also say extra Switch JoyCon controllers will cost £39.99 and that prices around the world should be on par with one another when converted.

That last bit coincides nicely with a leak from Toys R Us Canada, which has listed the Nintendo Switch on its site for pre-order for CAD$330 which when converted at the current rate is £195.

Of course, these prices should be taken with a pinch of salt until Nintendo announces pricing details itself, which should be at an event on 13 January. We've found with pricing leaks for previous products that retailers will list a random price, either because it doesn't know or it's not allowed to disclose official information, just to get a listing on Google. The price then changes when the product is released.

However, if the pricing is true, then consider us even more excited than we were before.

Writing by Max Langridge.