(Pocket-lint) - With the Nintendo Switch now announced and the Japanese gaming giant looking forward not back, it comes as no surprise that the Wii U is yesterday's news. However, it is mildly surprising to learn that the company is completely severing ties with its biggest console failure.

Ask a Wii U owner about their machine and you'll often hear superlatives. In terms of games, it plays host to some of the best titles available. But it is reported by Eurogamer that Nintendo will cease all production of the console at the end of this week. It is, for all intents and purposes, dead.

Sadly, it also means that the Nintendo Wii U goes in the history books as the company's biggest flop - one of its most expensive misfires for sure.

Nintendo only managed to ship 13.36 million units by the end of September this year. Even the GameCube, considered by many to be a spectacular failure, managed to sell 21 million consoles in its short lifespan.

But as much as the death of the Wii U is sad, times are looking up for the brand. Not only has Pokemon Go made a stack of money for Nintendo without the company having to lift a finger, the Nintendo Switch has had great critical response since its unveiling in a teaser video a couple of weeks ago.

Writing by Rik Henderson.