(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has posted its preview trailer for its new console and revealed that it will be called the Nintendo Switch.

Like many suggested, the new console is a tablet like device that can be placed into a docking station connected to a TV or taken out and about for gaming on the move.

The clever part is the the controllers clip either side of the portable screen when you take it out of the dock, making it Wii U GamePad in style. But they unclip when you house it in the base again, then clipping either side of a separate game controller accessory.

The two gamepad clips, called Joy-Cons, can also be used as individual controllers for two player games when out and about, with the screen having a small kickstand to keep it upright.

In short, Nintendo seems to have built everything it promised and more.

You can watch the preview trailer below and we think you'll be as impressed by the Nintendo Switch concept as we are.

We'll no doubt find out more details over the coming days and weeks, including price, but we know it'll be coming out next March.

You'll have to get behind in the queue though.

Writing by Rik Henderson.