(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo's NES Mini Classic Edition is due for release on 11 November but before then, we've just been treated to a few more details about the much-anticipated console.

Nintendo has released a three minute promotional video for the console which details some new features, such as three different display modes and a save feature that will be welcome by NES gamers far and wide.

The three display modes are Pixel Perfect, which uses square pixels to make the picture pin-sharp and detailed, 4:3 ratio to simulate an old-school television and CRT filter which adds simulated scan lines.

The original Nintendo Entertainment System wouldn't let you save moments in a game, so if you got far into one and then had to turn the console off, you'd lose your progress. With the new model, you're now able to save the game at four different points per game and lock those saves to ensure they don't accidentally get deleted.

It's also been reported that you can access original instruction manuals for each of the games by scanning a QR code on screen.

The NES Mini Classic Edition will be released next month for £49.99 and comes supplied with an HDMI controller, a controller, USB cable and 30 games pre-installed.

Writing by Max Langridge.