(Pocket-lint) - We don't make a habit out of shooting product boxes. But when there's one as cool as the NES-styled one that the new official Nintendo Vans sneakers come in, well, it's hard to resist. Look at it!

What is within is where the real magic happens, though. The Mario Bros. version we selected - which, at £52, cost as much if not more than an old skool gaming cartridge - feature 8-bit print, with all your favourite classic characters on show.

Yep, from goombas and mushrooms, to stars and flowers. It sounds like psychedelic madness, doesn't it? Which, really, is just how these Nintendo Vans look given the mash-up of predominant sky blue, met with greens, reds and yellows - as you can see from our picture gallery, it's just like the Mushroom Kingdom.

But it's the details that really got our inner 5-year-old self giddy. Flip these shoes over and it reads "Game" on the right and "Over!" on the left. Even the ends of the laces are capped with mini NES-style controllers.


This is the new Nintendo; a company looking for new collaborations, new ways to reach its audience. Who would have thought that would come in the form of a company best known for its 'boarder footwear?

Still, that means the Vans quality. We've bashed our way through various useless shoes in the past, but paying out the extra for proper stitching and materials means you get longevity. Not that we're likely to ever wear these guys, of course.

Also joining the line are Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Legend of Zelda, Duck Hunt and Classic Nintendo in footwear, t-shirts, caps and backpack forms. 1-Up!

Writing by Mike Lowe.