Footwear brand Vans has teamed with Nintendo to develop a range of its trademark trainers that retro games fans will adore.

Accidentally leaked by German sports shoe retailer 43einhalb, a range of Vans skate sneakers, high-tops and flip flops are coming that feature Nintendo-inspired designs.

Vans has often released licensed footwear, with Star Wars and other tie-ins, but few have piqued our interest as much as these.

Officially, the range wasn't due to be unveiled until 23 May and the German retailer's dedicated webpage has since disappeared. Images of the full lineup isn't even supposed to be completely revealed until 1 June, so there might be others that will be added to the gallery above in time.

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Still, even with the leak surely there's no harm done as we can't wait to see these trainers in the flesh.

We particularly like the blue Zelda design, with an 8-bit Link, although the NES controller high-tops are well worth consideration too.

It would certainly be good to get hold of a pair prior to E3, also in June. Who needs cosplay when you are rocking cool Ninty shoes?