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(Pocket-lint) - There have been plenty of Raspberry Pi projects that have stood out since the first of the diminutive computers was released, but few have caught the eye quite as must as Wermy's reuse of a Nintendo Game Boy.

Taking the original Game Boy shell, he replaced the innards with a Raspberry Pi Zero, swapped the screen with a 3.5-inch composite, colour display, and drilled two new button holes to create the best handheld games machine ever.


Now, thanks to Retropie software and a whole stack of games ROMs, Wermy's new Game Boy can play SNES, NES and even Megadrive titles, yet still retaining the unique feel of Nintendo's ground breaking handheld.

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Wermy even made his own SD card reader out of an old Game Boy cartridge, so it feels like he's using the classic console in the correct manner by slotting it in each time before play.

A 2,000mAh battery was also incorporated into the build so the modified Game Boy could be recharged - the original required a host of AA batteries.

You will need a fair amount of knowledge and technical skill to repeat the modder's work, which rules us out, but you can still build an amazing retro games console using a Raspberry Pi without quite so much effort. Stick with us and we're soon to tell you how. Watch this space.

Writing by Rik Henderson.