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(Pocket-lint) - Super Mario World may soon become a real one as a Nintendo Land theme park zone begins construction.

Nintendo already granted the rights to use some of its creations to Universal Studios. Now it looks like they're being brought into reality thanks to $350 million of investment on creating the Nintendo themed park section at Universal Studios.


Unfortunately for anyone outside of Nintendo's home in Japan, this section of the park is being built at the Japanese Universal Studios in Tokyo.

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According to Japanese news outlet Sankei we can expect the Nintendo themed park to be completed by 2020 – just in time for the Tokyo Olympics then.

We can expect this to be a serious chunk of the Universal Studios. It has been compared to the Harry Potter themed zone of Universal Studios. So we're imagining Mario's world, including Mario Kart, will be brought into reality. Although with rides now including virtual reality that could still be a blend of the two.

What exactly will appear in the Nintendo Universal attraction isn't clear yet but Mario will likely play a big part. We're hoping for a Smash Bros. section and, fingers crossed, a large chunk will get devoted to Zelda.

Just another reason to start saving for a visit to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 then.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.