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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo revealed recently that its first app for iPhone and Android devices will be coming in March and that, rather than a game, it is a fun and friendly communications application.

Miitomo enables users to interact with each other through their Nintendo Mii avatars. It throws up bonkers questions for connected friends to answer, such as, "If you saw a nose hair sticking out of you friend's nose, what would you do?"


The responses will help people get to know each other better in a light-hearted fashion.

Nintendo has now opened pre-registration for the app and, indeed, the ability to secure a Nintendo Account username. You need to head to miitomo.com, where you can register to be informed when the app is available on your respective phone's app store.

You can sign up for an account using an existing Nintendo ID or using your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Those who pre-register will also receive Platinum Points for the new My Nintendo rewards programme.

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Miitomo Miis will be able to be imported from 3DS or Wii U systems. Alternatively, you can set up a brand new Mii through your smartphone after launch by using the phone's camera and the software will take your features and translate them into Mii form.

Nintendo plans to release five iOS and Android dedicated titles in the next 12 months, with the last appearing in March 2017. The next will be a game featuring a "familiar" character. Mario is expected to star in one of the forthcoming titles.

Writing by Rik Henderson.