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(Pocket-lint) - An online survey currently being undertaken by marketing firm GfK has caused outrage amongst the gaming community. That's because it was designed to gauge responses from Nintendo fans about the upcoming NX console and, as part of the questionnaire, listed some rather dubious specifications.

They might be made up, they might be genuine, but the specs detailed on the survey sheet posted on NeoGaf - which has been confirmed to be genuine -make for some unimpressive reading.

Namely, the gameplay graphics noted on the survey claim that the Nintendo NX will run at 900p, 60fps - somewhat short of many PS4 equivalents, for example.

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That could be because of the nature of the new console though, which is described by GfK part console, part handheld: "Gameplay flows between Nintendo NX console and Nintendo NX handheld device," it says.

The handheld device might not have a Full HD screen, therefore. Or it might just be nonsense.

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As several NeoGaf visitors have pointed out, while the survey was genuinely sent out to gamers and GfK is known to be commissioned by Nintendo in the past for marketing purposes, the company is also want to invent some features and functionality just to gauge reaction.

We won't find out for sure until Nintendo unveils the device, most likely at this year's E3 conference in June.

One detail listed on the leaked survey that we hope is true though is that the new console will support 4K 60fps video streaming. Now that would be cool.

Writing by Rik Henderson.