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(Pocket-lint) - Super Mario Maker is available for the Wii U from today and Nintendo UK has released a cute video with Mario's father Shigeru Miyamoto, who answers several of the myths about the platforming plumber.

Mario's 30th anniversary occurs on 13 September and Super Mario Maker is an ideal way to celebrate his impact on gaming, with a level designer packed into a clever cross between the classic 2D platformers of old and a puzzle game.


Truth be told, Mario himself isn't 30, having appeared first in Donkey Kong in 1981, but the first Super Mario Bros game came out in 1985, so the celebrations are centred around that.

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Since then there have been many pressing questions about the plumber and the games, such as "who is Bowser Jnr's mother?" and "does Mario break blocks with his fist or head?". And now they are answered thanks to question time with Miyamoto.

Nintendo has also posted a video made up of multiple submitted fan entries under the "Let's Super Mario!" banner, which shows just how much the character has had an impact on our lives and continues to do so, with both young and old.

Super Mario Maker is now available for Wii U from game stores around the world.

Writing by Rik Henderson.