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(Pocket-lint) - The Nintendo NX is turning into the ultimate tease. We know that Nintendo is working on some sort of future gaming hardware, codenamed NX, as was revealed in March.

Speculation has now turned to the software platform, with Nikkei publishing a report talking about Nintendo's partnership with DeNA - that will lead to Nintendo games heading onto smartphones.


One of the details of this - as revealed by a NeoGAF member translation - is a discussion about the Nintendo NX possibly running Android, according to an insider source.

It goes on to say that there's been a change of emphasis at Nintendo, moving on from a time when developing its own hardware and software was key, looking to a future that better caters for third-party developers.

There's still a question over exactly what NX will be. It could be a handheld or console or something that crosses that divide, but Android could be a way for Nintendo to adopt a fast platform with plenty of support, rather than having to reinvent the wheel.

For consumers, the result might be that when NX appears, whatever it is, it's easier to get all the extras onboard, as they already exist in an Android environment.

It's early days and Nintendo has said that it's not yet ready to talk about NX, so we'll be watching with interest.

Writing by Chris Hall.