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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has confirmed earlier rumours that it will be releasing a special edition silver Mario Amiibo in the US, to follow the gold edition that sold out almost as quickly as it went onto Wallmart shelves back in March.

Amiibos have not just been popular amongst Nintendo gamers, who use them to enhance Wii U and New 3DS titles that support them, but collectors and enthusiasts have ensured that many of the characters released so far have become hard to find and out of stock.

The silver Mario, therefore, is not expected to be on sale for long either - especially when you consider that it will priced at just $12.99 (a little over £8). That's the same price as the conventional, full-colour Mario Amiibo from the Mario Party 10 range.

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If you want one therefore, we advise camping outside your local stockist. One saving grace is that Nintendo will not be limiting the new edition to a single chain, unlike the gold version. What it hasn't done though is name where it might be sold.

It's also unlikely the silver edition will appear outside of the US, at least on its initial release date of 29 May.

You could always get the regular Amiibo and paint it silver if you miss out. That said, the base is red rather than black, so true fans will always know.

Writing by Rik Henderson.