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(Pocket-lint) - When we played several of the key game modes in Nintendo's forthcoming multiplayer shooter Splatoon in March, we said that the Japanese gaming giant had come up with a sure fire hit.

Even as the day was winding up, we didn't want to leave the third-person action game, its allure was so great. And as well as provide further evidence that the Wii U is far from being an also-ran in the console wars, Splatoon will undoubtedly be just the first in an all-new, all-loved Nintendo franchise.


Now you get an opportunity to see for yourself where we were coming from at the time and why we still feel that way. Nintendo has released demo and trailer videos, as shown live in the special Splatoon edition of Nintendo Direct earlier today.

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You get to see gameplay footage, the vast array of different weapons and much much more in the 32 minute replay of the presentation. And there are a couple of little demo clips for good measure too.

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We've got them here so you don't have to hunt them out and you can also be rest assured that we'll be covering the game more in the coming weeks as we approach the 29 May UK release day.

So sit back and enjoy these videos of Splatoon, after which we're sure that you'll be as excited about the upcoming game as we are.

Splatoon Direct Presentation

Splatoon - Global Testfire Demo!

Splatoon - Join the Turf War!

Writing by Rik Henderson.