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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo's Wii U console is going through somewhat of a resurgence, with sales in one week this November being the best its had in two years of life.

Now there are signs that Nintendo plans to give the console a second major push with a Japanese Mario Kart 8 advert seemingly letting the cat out of the bag when it comes to a redesigned Wii U GamePad.


An advert for Mario Kart 8 shows an unknown device being held by the father in the ad that seems to have a much smaller bezel than the existing GamePad already available on the market.

From the rear in the advert it looks identical to the conventional controller, but one shot, where the screen is on display, shows a very different style device.

That's let some to suggest that the difference could be explained by the angle the controller is held. However, the screen is just too large for the device if that is the case. And the thumbsticks are too high up. 

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When a picture of the original GamePad is shown with hands in roughly the same places, you can also see that the central screen is nowhere near the same dimensions. Even our own attempt to hold the GamePad at an angle cannot replicate the screen size disparity.

slimmer and sexier wii u gamepad spotted in official nintendo video image 3

Of course, it might be that the production team overlaid a screen image as picture in picture style effects, making it larger than real life. But that just spoils the fun. We'd rather think Nintendo has something up its sleeve for a games console that's gaining new fans all the while, regardless of some having written it off previously (ourselves included).

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Writing by Rik Henderson.