The children have spoken and it's a damning day for Nintendo as the majority prefer to game on tablets rather than on the dedicated 3DS. This is the first time tablets have overtaken Nintendo's 3DS as the most popular personal games unit owned by UK children.

Tablet gaming has been an ever improving and fast growing platform that threatens to leave handheld consoles in the landfill with dedicated nineties handhelds like Double Dragon and Golden Axe.

In a study by Futuresource Consulting it was found that 44 per cent of UK children between ages 3 and 12 own a tablet – 30 per cent of those aged 3 to 4 even own one. The older kids are more into smartphones with 25 per cent of 9 to 10 years old owning one and 46 per cent of 11 to 12 years olds owning one.

Parents, according to the study, spend over £100 a year on mobile fees for their children. Is that more than they'd spend on 3DS games? Maybe not but you certainly get a lot more games for your buck on tablets and phones.

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