Nintendo is to respond to criticism over its tight YouTube copyright policies by creating an affiliate program to share ad revenues with its loyal fans.

A year ago, the troubled games company clamped down on gamers posting videos to YouTube of in-game footage - walkthroughs and other gaming clips over a certain length. Although it didn't enforce takedown notices, it only allowed the posters of the footage to keep their videos online if they ceded all advertising revenue gained to the Japanese firm and YouTube itself.

That will continue, Nintendo told Polygon recently, but the company will also launch a program for gamers who wish to post in-game footage to become affiliates.

In two separate tweets on the official Nintendo Japan Twitter feed, the company revealed that official affiliates whose videos are approved by the gaming giant will receive a share of the advertising revenue made.

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This and the fact that Mario Kart 8 features a YouTube posting option shows that the company is looking to further the social aspect of its brand outside of its own closed network.