It's been a year since the Nintendo Wii U launched. That's one year without the Wii U TVii service that Nintendo promised Europe it would have. Now Ninty has apologised, assuring European residents the electronic programme guide and control system TVii is coming.

A dedicated button is already on the Wii U controller for the TVii service and has been there since 2012, doing nothing. Europe was promised the feature in 2013, which has come and gone.

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Now Nintendo has written on its official site: "We would like to apologise that we were unable to bring the Nintendo TVii service to Europe in 2013 as originally planned. Please continue to keep an eye out for further announcements regarding this service in the near future."

So not much more information there then. TVii, when it arrives, will offer guides on TV channels as subscription services. It currently works with Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. The service not only offers a guide but also lets you launch shows on the TV or watch them on the GamePad.