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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo wants to extend its Wii U fitness coverage of your life to outside the house. That's why it's jumping on the pedometer bandwagon with its Wii Fit U pedometer, which comes out in the US tomorrow.

According to Nintendo the pedometer will be able to count your steps, track your altitude, and estimate calories burnt during your exercise sessions. The widget transfers the data to the Wii U GamePad via the infrared transceiver port - the same port, incidentally, that Nintendo has said will be used to turn on your television.

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The Wii Fit U will be $20 (£12.50) for Balance Board owners with a free game from the eShop. But don't buy the full $50 game and sensor yet - anyone who picks up the Fit Meter by 31 January and syncs it with the Wii Fit U trial can keep using the fitness app forever. Newcomers who'd like the Balance Board and Fit Meter in the same box will have to wait for the bundle out on 13 December for $90.

No word on UK sales as yet but check back for details as we get them.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.