Nintendo has officially ceased production of its Wii console in Japan, which effectively signals the end for the seven-year-old games machine as it's not manufactured anywhere else. Consumers will still be able to buy them until stock runs out globally, but the company is not going to make any more.

Instead, it will concentrate on the Wii U, which is not performing well in sales terms and will face a greater battle when the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony are launched in November: the Xbox One and PS4 respectively.

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The original Wii has sold more than 100 million units worldwide since 2006, with over 30 million of those in Europe. In comparison, the Wii U sold only 160,000 consoles in the last quarter.

Nintendo will point to a great title line-up for 2014, however. Mario will make a return in a 3D platformer and a Mario Kart game alike, and other big franchises are planned for Wii U debuts. Also, as it is fully compatible with original Wii games, there might be a good reason for casual gamers to upgrade.

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To say goodbye to the Wii, Pocket-lint has composed a poem in the traditional Japanese style of Haiku. We hope you find it fitting:

And so the Wii dies
A much loved gaming machine
Unlike the Wii U

To be fair, we actually like the Wii U ourselves. Couldn't resist having a giggle though.