The Nintendo 2DS has launched in Europe, North America, and Australia with customers on a budget in mind. Nintendo announced the Nintendo 2DS in August, a 2D version of its 3D hand-held console that it launched in March 2011.

The single wedge gaming device is now available on Nintendo's online store and in retailers across the world. The 2DS will start at £110/$130 in black/blue and red/white colour combinations.

"Unbelievably fun, seriously affordable," Nokia markets. In the box is the 2DS itself, a stylus, SDHC card, Nintendo 3DS AC adapter, and AR cards.

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The 2DS will, of course, be backwards compatible with all DS and 3DS games – it just won't play them in 3D. It features a simpler, more affordable handheld console for young gamers. Gone is the clam shell design, and in is the one single screen split by a bunch of plastic.

Past the 2DS, Nintendo also offers the Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS. It's clear the company is trying to hit multiple audiences with a complete line of DS devices.

The 2DS launched on Saturday, the same day as Pokemon X and Y. Watch our hands-on time with the handheld gaming device for all the details.