The death of the Nintendo Wii is upon least for Japan, anyway.

Cheesemeister, a Twitterer who often tweets Japanese-to-English translations for things like game events, recently noticed a message on Nintendo Japan's website that claimed production of the Wii is ending. Eurogamer contacted Nintendo Europe for more information, which then confirmed that Nintendo would halt production of the 7-year-old console in Japan.

"Yes, NCL did update their website on 29th August with a small notice to state that Wii hardware production will stop in the near future," a spokesman for Nintendo told Eurogamer. "This specific message was referring to the Japanese market. No specific time frame has been stated yet."

Although Nintendo did not specify when the console would cease to exist in Japan, the company spokesperson admitted there were no updates as to whether Wii production will continue in Europe. The Wii has sold more than 100 million units since its original release in 2006, and its successor, the Wii U, launched in 2012.

We've contacted Nintendo for clarification, and we'll update when more information becomes available.