Nintendo Japan has launched a new battery for the Wii U GamePad that allows you to play longer between recharging - up to eight hours, it is claimed. The only problem is that you will have to install it yourself, although this is fairly simple.

The 2,550mAh battery has much more capacity than the 1,500mAh one that comes with the console and therefore addresses some of the issues gamers have with the controller. Having a touchscreen is great, only being able to play for a few hours between charges not so.

nintendo japan releases extended wii u gamepad battery to give more life self installation mind image 2

Additionally, the company has introduced new higher capacity rechargeable batteries for Wii remotes, which come with a charging stand. These take 90 minutes to charge fully, Nintendo says, for up to 13 hours of play time.

It is not known whether Nintendo plans to introduce the accessories outside of Japan (we certainly hope so) but we should soon find out as the Wii remote battery will be available from 13 July for 4,200 yen (£27). The Wii U GamePad battery replacement will be available in Japan on 25 July for 3,150 yen.