Large game developer Electronic Arts says it is no longer working on games for Nintendo's Wii U, in yet another blow to the struggling console.

Speaking to Kotaku, Electronic Arts spokesman Jeff Brown said: "We have no games in development for the Wii U currently." He did not rule out the chance of the company developing for the console sometime down the road, but at this point it doesn't sound likely. 

The official company stance comes just after Johan Andersson, EA's technical director of Frostbite, said this month that Frostbite 2 had been tested on the console and results were "not too promising". To make matters worse, Nintendo decided not to port Frostbite 3, which is set to power Battlefield 4 and 15 other planned games, to the console. Nintendo's Wii U console is missing out on next-generation gaming content from EA because of its lack of power.

Brown told Pocket-lint that EA's 2011 partnership formed with Nintendo at E3 had been delivered upon with the early run games that were offered. At any rate, EA's decision doesn't sound like it will be a good one for the struggling Nintendo