Nintendo has posted its first-quarter 2013 financial results, and has yet again failed to match its expectations in profit and sales. As a result, the board at Nintendo has decided to "retire" four directors: senior managing directors Yoshihiro Mori and Shinji Hatano, and managing directors Masaharu Matsumoto and Eiichi Suzucki.

The Wii U remains a constant source of worry for the gaming giant, having sold only 309,000 units in the first three months of the year. That takes the total number of global sales up to just 3.45 million since launch. Nintendo itself attributes this to a "delay in software development that resulted in intervals between new software title releases at the early stage of this year".

It does have a healthy line-up of triple-A titles planned for Wii U for the rest of the year, however, including a new 3D Mario game, new Mariokart, Pikmin 3 and a Zelda game, and hopes that these won't be seen as too little, too late - especially considering Sony has shown its hand with the PS4 and Microsoft is heavily tipped to unveil the next Xbox (Xbox 720, perhaps) very soon. Both of these next-generation consoles will be coming by Christmas, so Nintendo needs to establish a firmer user base for Wii U before then.

In brighter news for the company, 3DS continues to perform well. In Japan, at least. Outside of Japan, while many of its software titles were "hits" they "did not generate sufficient sales momentum". Nintendo will proactively concentrate on releasing key Nintendo titles in overseas markets, including Animal Crossing: New Leaf and new Pokemon titles.