Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii Mini, an affordable version of its Wii console, is coming to the UK on 22 March.

The Wii Mini is slightly different from conventional Wii consoles in that it lacks an internet connection, SD card slot or GameCube game compatibility.

It is also smaller than the normal Wii and comes in a bright red not unlike that of the original Famicom or NES in Japan. It is matte black and wrapped in red and comes with all-red Nunchuck controllers.

Nintendo hasn't announced pricing for the UK console. It costs $99.99  in Canada, where it has already launched. Expect it to be around the same - around £65 - in the UK.

Alongside the Wii Mini launch, Nintendo is also adding titles to its Nintendo Selects range, a sort of value for money list of titles not unlike Platinum games on the PS2 and PS1. Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess already make up part of the range.

Now Nintendo is adding Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis and Super Paper Mario. Expect more on the Wii Mini as it gets closer to launch.