In the hope of protecting your precious gaming device, Nintendo has announced a $12.99 Accessory Set for the Wii U, which includes a pen stylus, protective screen jacket, and cleaning cloth. 

Available 14 February from retailers in US and Canada, the Accessory Set's cleaning cloth and screen protector look as you'd expect. But the extra-large stylus may impress a few of you who love the grip of pen and want to touch your gaming pad with a little more ease. 

nintendo accessory set for wii u adds stylus and screen protection image 2

"To ensure that Wii U users get the most out of their GamePad controller, Nintendo will be offering a Wii U GamePad Accessory Set to help owners protect their screens," said Nintendo.

Worldwide sales of the Wii U look to be not as great as Nintendo might hope. Nintendo revealed in early January that sales for its new Wii U console were "steady" to close out 2012, without revealing any specific numbers.

Additionally, sales figures for the console's first six weeks in the company's homeland of Japan were revealed, with it selling 308,570 units in its first week.

For the slew of you who did purchase the Wii U (we liked it too!), this Accessory Set may be for you.

No word on a UK release, but that's not to say you can't find a few stylus knock-offs online.