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(Pocket-lint) - While Nintendo itself suggested that parents should open Wii Us before giving them as presents on Christmas Day - in order to pre-install the mountain of updates needed to get the new console operational -perhaps the same advice should also have been given for the 3DS XL. At least, the one given by a mother to her son in Talladega, USA.

When the boy unwrapped his Christmas present, instead of a shiny handheld games console, he found rocks covered in tissue paper. And as he wasn't planning on making a nice ornamental garden feature, this came as some disappointment.

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The console (well, console box) had been bought from Walmart as pre-owned and it is now apparent that the store didn't check its contents before handing over cash to the original seller. It has since replaced the box o'rocks with a brand new Nintendo 3DS XL.

"Check your merchandise. Just check it before you leave the store, make sure it's in there and don't get home and be surprised, like if you found what I found," said the boy's mother.

Walmart is further investigating the incident.

The US retail giant is not the only brand not checking its returned or pre-owned merchandise before selling it on. Also on Christmas Day, a Gamestop pre-owned Nintendo 3DS given to a five-year-old was found to contain porn images left on the console by the previous owner.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.