Nintendo America has advised would-be Wii U gifters this festive season that they should open the box and update the software on the console before the big day, if they want to ensure a successful gift-giving experience.

"Giving #WiiU as a gift? Pro-tip: Perform system updates before wrapping so it’s good to go as soon as it’s opened," says Nintendo via Twitter. 

Why the fuss and worry? Well, the Wii U console, which came out at the end of November, will need a 5GB operating system update to give it the latest features as described on the box. All of the individual apps will need an update too.

When we started our own Wii U console in the Pocket-lint office, the download and install took around 20 minutes (on a 50Mb Virgin Media connection) for the main update, but then all the individual apps and games took that time to around an hour.

Compound those requirements with thousands of "nice" children doing that on Christmas day, and we would recommend you set aside at least an hour to get up to speed today (Christmas Eve).

As if last-minute wrapping wasn't difficult enough. Good luck.