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(Pocket-lint) - The Wii U will be top of many a Christmas list this year. But Nintendo’s tablet-based console isn’t going to be much use without a game or two - or five, for that matter.

Unboxed, hooked up and ready to go, what sort of discs should your Wii U be swallowing up? Read on to find our first five Wii U purchases for Christmas.

New Super Mario Bros U

A retro classic made new, the Wii U’s launch Mario title is hands down the best game on the console right now. It might not necessarily show off the hardware’s capabilities, but boy does it remind you of what Nintendo can do when it nails the classic platform formula.

new super mario bros u for wii u  image 1

For the little ones, this is the go-to title. It has an easy learning curve, material that is suitable for all and can be played by multiple people at the same time, provided you have either extra Wii or Wii U controllers. New Super Mario Bros U review


Not to everyone’s taste, admittedly, but ZombiU is a great game for the older members of the family who have asked for a Wii U. It uses the new controller to great effect and also helps the Wii U to flex its graphical muscles, especially if you're having your new console hooked up to a HD TV.

zombiu  image 1

Zombi U is also being offered as part of the Wii U’s console bundle, which is worth considering if you fancy saving a few pennies. But it's difficult to get hold of, so expect a bit of hunting. Price for the whole package shouldn’t be more than £340. ZombiU review

Sonic and Sega AllStars Racing

Sonic and Sega AllStars Racing fills the hole made by the missing Mario Kart on the Wii U. As Sonic-themed games go, this is the best in a long time. It puts every Sega character in a transforming go-kart and races them across land, sea and air.

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sonic and sega all stars racing transformed wii u  image 1

Like New Super Mario Bros U, this is another title that is playable by anyone. It can be a touch difficult, so for the little ones make sure you set it up on the easier settings. Difficulty aside, this is a better multiplayer title than Super Mario Bros, so is highly recommended for those planning to satisfy many small hands with one games console. Sonic and Sega AllStars Racing review

Nintendo Land

Boxed in with the premium version of the Wii U, you might already have Nintendo Land without knowing it. If not, this is the Wii U version of Wii Sports that you may remember shipping with your console all those years ago.

Pocket-lintnintendo hopes nintendo land will help gamers understand wii u better image 1

This is guaranteed Christmas Day fun, although it does lack some of the longevity of other Wii U titles. Don’t forget, you are going to need either old Wii controllers or the Wii U Pro controller for others to get involved.

Assassin’s Creed III

Good times are to be had in Assassin’s Creed III on just about any platform. For the Wii U, its a title that might not make much sense to those who haven’t played previous games in the series, but for those who have it's brilliant. Take this into consideration when making a purchase.

Pocket-lintassassin’s creed iii image 1

The grand finale in a long-running series of Assassin’s Creed games, this one is set in the American War of Independence and sees a new protagonist, characters and gameplay style. Our favourite in the whole Assassin’s lineup. Assassin’s Creed III review

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