Having made its debut on the Nintendo Wii last week, the Lovefilm app on the Wii U has now been activated.

An icon has appeared on the UK Wii U GamePad since launch (and, in fact, even beforehand - with review machines proudly sporting it), but until now it has not worked. Spark it up today, however, and you will be able to access your Lovefilm Instant account - after an update has downloaded and installed, of course.

The app itself provides all Lovefilm Instant has to offer, to be played either on the TV screen or GamePad. It can stream the HD version of a movie or TV show to both, if available, and does so almost instantly. The GamePad can also be used to search for titles, browse or offer information on the video currently being played - much like Xbox SmartGlass offers for Xbox 360.

Movies currently available to stream on Lovefilm include The Social Network, The Three Musketeers and Clash of the Titans.

Subscriptions to the service start at around £4.99 a month.