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(Pocket-lint) - As part of its Nintendo Direct online showcase, which highlights the forthcoming games and features for the Wii U for Christmas and beyond, the gaming giant has shown Google Maps integration for the new console.

The Panorama View application - soon to be available to download free from the company's own online store - adds Google satellite maps and Street View, allowing you to use the GamePad controller to physically see around locations by utilising its gyro and accelerometer functionality. Basically, rotating in the real world will rotate the view on the touchscreen.

nintendo to add google maps to wii u including gamepad controlled street view image 3

In addition, the large-screen display to which you have the Wii U connected will show the same mapping point from the satellite view (or can be also switched to Street View).

Nintendo's Panorama View app will also come with 360-degree videos of famous landmarks around the world, allowing you to see what it would be like, say, to go past the Houses of Parliament in London on a tour bus, without having to brave the rain.

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The announcement came during the Japanese version of Nintendo Direct earlier today. A European version is due to start at 5pm GMT on nintendo.co.uk. We will find out more about its availability for the UK then, we fully expect.

Writing by Rik Henderson.