Lovefilm subscribers will now be able to watch streamed movies and TV shows on the Nintendo Wii as part of their package. However, although the Wii U launched with the Lovefilm app pre-installed, the service is yet to be activated on that platform.

The Wii joins a long list of compatible devices on which Lovefilm's streaming service can be viewed -including Xbox 360, PS3, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphone, Smart TVs and home cinema kit -and, naturally considering the parent company, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

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A Lovefilm subscription that includes streaming starts at £4.99 a month, and the latest films to hit the service include Sherlock Holmes, Inception and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

By its not being available on the Wii U from launch (which happened on 30 November), Lovefilm may have lost a little ground to Netflix, which is already active, but Pocket-lint has been promised that the version for the new Nintendo console is imminent. There will be "a launch on the Wii U shortly," we have been told by a company spokesperson.

Conventional Wii owners can now download the Lovefilm app from the Wii Shop Channel.