Following an earlier leak on the Canadian Best Buy home page, Nintendo has confirmed it is launching a smaller, slimmer version of the original Wii games console.

Dubbed the Wii Mini, it will ditch internet access and GameCube compatibility, in order to get the price down to $99 (Canadian dollars). 

"Wii Mini is designed exclusively to play Wii games. Its family-friendly design has no internet capabilities and does not play Nintendo GameCube games," the company states.

"It’s a great value for first-time Wii owners who just want to jump in and experience all the great Wii games that helped usher in a revolution in motion-controlled gaming. Wii games are available at a variety of price points for every kind of shopper."

wii mini official but only in canada for now image 2

According to Nintendo, the Wii Mini is going to be an exclusive to Canada for Christmas, suggesting that it could be launching elsewhere around the globe in the new year. 

However, there's no clue as to when. "No information is available about its potential availability in other territories in the future," the company adds. But it doesn't say that it's not to be released anywhere else.

Perhaps when there's more stock the company may widen the net.

We will keep you posted.