Best Buy Canada has let slip that Nintendo plans to launch a smaller, sleeker version of its original Wii console in time for Christmas. Called the Wii Mini, it's coming on 7 December and, as yet, hasn't been officially announced.

That hasn't stopped Best Buy putting a small picture of the new version on the front of its website. It even offers a link underneath to "pre-order now", although the link only sends you to a generic Wii software and hardware page, without any further mention of the Wii Mini at all.

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What we know about the forthcoming games deck so far is there on the picture itself. There will be, at the very least, a black and red version. It will come with one Wii remote and, er, that's it.

We'll obviously keep 'em peeled for more information, including price and whether it is also coming to the UK, but we have no reason to think that it isn't.

It seems everybody's got a mini edition coming out these days. Samsung, Apple and now Nintendo. Wonder if Mini is thinking about it? Actually, come to think of it...