Nintendo has taken to YouTube to perform the ultimate unboxing, by none other than Satoru Iwata, the company's CEO. 

In the 5:34-minute video, that even Iwata says makes him feel like he is on a shopping channel, we are treated to what we will get in the Premium Pack box, complete with a cheesy soundtrack to enhance the drama. 

Sometimes going into incredibly levels of detail - did you know the boxed item will be heavier than the original Wii? - the CEO even wears gloves for the event, sending a message to all YouTube unboxers that they really need to up their game the next time they film another unboxing. 

Nintendo, trying to fuel excitement for the Wii U launch at the end of November, has also detailed how accounts will work on Wii U, and how Wii Chat operates too. 

Judging by what we can see in the videos, the Wii U power pack looks massive.